Connectivity options and available ports with the Zivid camera

The device should be connected to a 24 VDC power supply and a PC running Windows 7/8/10 via USB 3 interface. The Sync input is for future use.

Available ports are


B : M12-8: External Sync

C : M12-5: Power (24VDC)


A: DATA. USB SuperSpeed USB-B (USB3.0 Camera interface, USB2.0 Control Interface). USB SuperSpeed type-B receptacle for PC connection. Note: PC must support USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. Cables need to be “USB3 Vision” compliant.

B: SYNC. Interface Connector (for future use). Synchronization and external trigger interface.

C: 24V. Power Connector 24V, 5A DC

Power supply interface

Exceeding the limit values may cause permanent damage. Please note the power ratings if power is provided from other sources than the supplied AC/DC converter


The Zivid unit is protected against reverse polarity and against overheating by a thermistor that physically removes the power.

Optional mating connector: TE Connectivity AMP, 1838275-3 (Digikey: A97645-ND)

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