How to use the Zivid C++ samples with Visual Studio

The below video shows you how to open the Zivid C++ samples in Visual Studio.

Step by step instructions are also provided with screenshots below:

Step 1: Search for Zivid C++ samples on you computer and open them in Visual Studio


Step 2: Once the interface is open, on the right side choose the sample that you would like to run. Right click 'Set as StartUp project'.

1. start screen VS-1

2. set as startup project-4

Step 3: Click on the .cpp file to load the correct program

3. click cpp to load program-4

Step 4: Adjust the iris setting as required

4.Adjust iris settings-3

Step 5: Click on the Local Windows Debugger tab on the top toolbar to run the program

5. Windows Local Debugger-5

The program should now run successfully and display the 3D point cloud if you have chosen to run the samples that include the visualizer. ( The samples 'SampleCapture' and 'SampleCaptureFromFile' do not include the visualizer)

6. Loading output-1

7. 3D point cloud-3