Saving the point cloud

Available file formats

The Zivid Data File(.ZDF) is in the NetCDF4 format, which is a standard format for scientific data. You can find software libraries to read in NetCDF4 data for most programming languages.

On the Zivid Wiki page you can find examples on how to read this data into for e.g. Python and MATLAB:

Username: zivid

Password: zivid3D

Copying ZDF file to Windows

The easiest way is to copy the ZDF file to a Windows machine and use one of our free viewer tools (Zivid Studio or Zivid Cloud Viewer). Both of these viewers can be installed from our webpage - Alternatively, you could use the API to convert ZDF to PLY. Use a 3D viewer, for example MeshLab or CloudCompare.

From Zivid Studio, you can save the point cloud in the following formats:

  • Zivid Data File (*.zdf)
  • ASCII points (*.xyz)
  • PLY file- Unordered points (*.ply)
  • PLY file- Ordered points (*.ply)
  • Point Cloud Data File (*.pcd)
Saving the point cloud