How to resolve the 'no camera found' error

Troubleshooting the 'No camera found' error

If you find an error such as the below:

  • Using camera driver: 'ToshibaTeli'
  • EEPROM detected
  • [EEPROM] Calibration found for Zivid model ID: 1021806010077
  • Successfully read calibration data from EEPROM
  • Creating exception with message: No Cameras found

try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that PC has been rebooted after installation of Toshiba Teli drivers
  • Try connecting to another USB port on your PC
  • Power cycle Zivid by reseating the power cable
  • Confirm that Toshiba Teli camera is detected with the correct driver in Device Manager
  • Confirm that you have the latest firmware, and were not prompted for any updates during the installation