Troubleshooting installation issues with Halcon and GeniCam

If you encounter issues when trying to install and use Zivid with Halcon, please follow the below steps:

1. Go to Add/Remove programs on the Control Panel and uninstall 'Teli Cam SDK'.

(If you encounter issues with this step- contact your IT department to delete old windows registry keys).

2. Reboot your PC

3. Install the Zivid package (GeniCamTL preview) again. Be sure to enable the checkbox 'Camera drivers' during the installation.

4. Reboot your PC

5. Open the TeliU3Viewer app on your PC. Click the 'open' button at the top and ensure that the Zivid camera is detected in the window that pops up.

6. Open Halcon. Check that the environment variables are set correctly. GeniCam must point to Zivid Studio- not Toshiba Teli

7. Check that the path has been appended correctly with the location of Zivid Studio